“The most reliable & effective alternative for gaining relief from disorder…

…is to remove what is harmful, reintroduce what is helpful and recondition the rest.”

Could you use some help finding a solution, or even just a way forward?


A note from our Clinic Principal,

Carshalton, Surrey.

Dear Visitor,


We all know that prevention is better than cure and that maintaining healthy habits is the most dependable method of healthcare…

…But there is a problem; more than one unfortunately…


Picking the guidance to follow that is right for you from all the information out there is incredibly difficult.


you can’t help but ask…

…What about when it is too late for prevention?


What more can be done?

What more, if anything, can be done if we’ve already been told we have an injury or health issue?

If you ever ask yourself that question, then I want you to know you’re onto something.

and I’ll point out something more…

…most people won’t ever seek an answer to that question once they’ve been told what they’ve got.

The key to further improvement comes from looking at all the circumstances that have contributed, and this only comes from having the time to look at you as an individual.

The limitations of ‘one size fits all’ healthcare.

Our incredible National Health Service is so popular it’s hard to get tickets to get in!  They therefore only have time to detect what you’ve got, not why you’ve got it.

Not what contributed, not what left you susceptible, nor what disadvantages are limiting your recovery.

Yet these are the factors that make YOUR situation unlike all other people.

You have your own unique patterns of thinking; your own routines, tendencies, your own unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

You have your own unique history.

So anyone who tries to tell you that “nothing more can be done” or that “we can’t find anything wrong with you”

has likely not had the opportunity to answer one vital question…

…Why have you got,

what you’ve got,

in the way you’ve got it?

Get it?!

What you need to know.

Based on the growing demand to find natural solutions to health issues, we’ve joined two sessions together to now offer special ninety minute Investigation Sessions.

In this Session we fully discuss your case and help you form a plan of action that takes all your unique factors into account.

We’ve capped the fee though so you’re not paying the full double session price,

and the best bit of all…

…we include any treatment that is appropriate for you as well as any advice we can provide at that consultation, free.

Here is why we do this…

I know that a certain percentage of you who book an investigation session with us will then go on to want our clinic to provide the treatment for you as well.

But rather than try to convince you of how good we are, I’m confident that we can just demonstrate that we can help you by actually helping you.

Thats why all investigation sessions have a reduced price and why we include any treatment and advice given at that session for free. 

It’s simple.

Here is how we’ll do it.

You make a reservation with us for an Investigation Session during which we’ll fully review your health matter.

  • We will listen to the full extent of the concerns you have,
  • We will examine any damage, disruption or loss of function associated with the problem.
  • We will ask questions to unearth any prior incidents that somehow lead to the present matter being an issue.
  • We will search for factors that are in the way of you making a full or more efficient recovery – be they physical, functional, emotional or nutritional.

We will devise a custom plan aimed at both getting you back on track as well as moving you forward.

That plan will be shared with you for free.

      • We will let you know what options you have…
      • Give you guidance as to the kind of changes to make…
      • let you know what kind of further investigations you should seek if necessary and…
      • Explain what kind of treatments would best influence, improve or resolve your set of circumstances…
      • We will give you an appropriate treatment so you are able to sample what we do and how we do it…
      • and all guidance & treatment will be included for free as part of your investigation session.

From experience I know that once we do this with you ONE of TWO things will happen:.

Either you will love the plan…

You’ll immediately see the potential to alter where you are and you’ll decide you DO NOT need us to help you do it.

If that is the case, Great! I’m glad we could point you in the right direction. you know where we are if you need us further.

…OR, You will love the plan, you can see we’ve identified areas you haven’t considered, explained things you didn’t know and,

because we have methods to tackle the issue from multiple angles you want our clinic to provide the treatment and ongoing guidance to put your plan into effect.

In this case we will start working together.

Sounds interesting?

If you could use some help finding answers, here is what to do next

…You have 3 options.

  • Click “Contact Me” and Joan will contact you by your preferred method and walk you through our session scheduling process.
  • If you’d prefer to give the clinic a call direct Click the “Contact Us” button to be taken to our details

  • If you have any questions click the “Ask Us” button and you will be able to tell us more about your particular situation before you commit to making an appointment.

Here is what is costs.

Our special investigation sessions are capped at £75 and you will need to schedule up to 90 minutes to spend with us.

We have deliberately limited the price so that we have the opportunity to demonstrate our services are of value to you.

Of course, there is absolutely no obligation for you to use our clinic further once you have got the answers you are looking for…

…However, if based on your visit you decide you’d like our team to provide you with ongoing treatment, direction or support, then you’ll find prices per session range from £43 – £75 depending on the type of treatment you choose.

Next to no time?

Ninety minutes can be hard to fit into busy schedules.

We run special early morning and late night sessions for customers who want to fit consultations around their other commitments…

But they are more expensive.

These out-of-hours sessions are available by appointment with an additional charge of £5.

What’s the catch?

As we all know there is always a catch and its always in small print, so here is ours… 

…we can’t help everyone*

*Our Investigation sessions and services are suitable only to those who meet certain criteria.

In order to book a session you will need to ensure you meet at least four of the following conditions.

    • You have had investigation and reached a point where you are being told that nothing wrong can be found.

    • You have had investigation and reached a point where you are being told that no more can be done.

    • You are in need of a complementary treatment approach to support your existing conventional treatment or you require an alternative approach which will get to the root of your existing condition.

    • You have a long standing issue you thought would go away that didn’t, or a long standing issue that you have already decided is unchangeable.

    • You have been issued pain killers or any other prescription which is altering your symptoms but, you have realised, it is not treating the cause.

    • You have already tried and found other complementary methods to be unsatisfactory or insufficient.

    • You are close to rock bottom and could use some help to find where changes need to be made or you have already hit rock bottom and are now ready to make any change that will contribute to your physical or mental wellbeing.

…But what if…?

If you are not sure if you qualify, or are in any doubt at all but want to be considered then there is an “Ask Us” button for this.

You will be able to tell us more about your particular situation before you commit to booking an appointment.

In that case here is what will then happen.

I will review your details personally.

If it doesn’t look like we can help you, we won’t waste your time by doing an investigation session.

Instead I will let you know what we think your options are and refer you to any reading material or services I think will be of use to you.

If it seems you have a situation that we feel with investigation we could genuinely help, I will contact you to schedule your investigation session.

That session will include the free treatment and guidance so you can will be able decide for yourself.

If you get value out of the guidance we share with you – if you see change from the treatment we provide – that’s great news.

If you want to then go on to become a client, then that is what we want too.


We will be delighted to help you.

Finally ready to make a change for the better?

Click “Contact Me” and Joan will contact you to walk you through our session scheduling process.

Prefer to give the clinic a call direct? Click the “Contact Us” button for our details.

Not sure you qualify or need a question answered then the “Ask Us” button is just for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  My team and I look forward to meeting you in person.


Mark Robson

Clinic Principal