Alternative Treatments For Conventional Problems.


Conventional Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy

Classical Osteopathy

Massage & Bodywork

Sports Remedial Massage


Hot Stone Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage

Counselling & Therapy

Person Centred Counselling

Psychodynamic Counselling

CBT | Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Nutrition & Dietetic Therapy

Holistic Body Adjustment

Aided Introspection



Health & wellbeing, right throught to the bone.

Fitness and health limitations frequently stem from the consequences of simple maladjustments in our framework owing to their direct connection to our body’s internal functions.

Cranial Osteopathy

The right connection for a light correction.

Cranial Osteopathy influences the release of tensions using only the softest of touch. Cranial Osteopathy is effective for a wide range of conditions, and is particularly suited to young children & babies.

Classical Osteopathy

Finding health, while the rest find disease.

Classical Osteopathy recognises the unity of the body, the importance of fluid movement to regeneration, the body’s natural ability to make adaptations and the relationship of structural configuration to healthy function.

Western Medical Acupuncture

Pinpoint Problems Perfectly.

Western Medical Acupuncture is a very specific form of manual treatment based on the anatomy of the neuromuscular system and the locations of trigger points


Ready for your hour of knead

Alleviate pain in connective tissue and muscles, promote repair and address the maintaining and predisposing factors that limit a swift recovery with our range of Massage & Bodywork treatments.

Sports & remedial Massage

Bypass the wall. Complete the extra mile.

Improve endurance, reduce fatigue, prevent injuries, promote flexibility, enable the body to perform to its full potential by  removing the limiting factors.


Find Your Feet, Find your health.

Reflexology uses massage and pressure to reflex zones on the feet in order to locate and rebalance vitality in the body through soothing relaxation.

Hot Stone Therapy

Warm up. Chill out. Relax down.

Hot Stone Therapy is a wonderful massage treatment that uses the warmth & weight of pre-warmed stones to penetrate and relax chronic tension, bringing relief throughout the body.


Time to get backup?

Attend to the inner world of emotions, feelings and anxieties.  Find a way to bring relief, insight and generate lasting change with our range of professional Counselling & Therapy sessions


Identity – Making yourself a reality

Making possible and supporting the personal growth of an individual by encouraging the exploration and use of our own strengths and identity.


Is history repeating your Self?

Determine how the past is influencing the reccurring patterns of stress and suffering we have when on our own or when interacting with others.


Making matters more manageable.

Identify and engage the thinking that leads to positive and lasting change to the limitations we have previously found ourself trapped within.


Innate, instinctive, inbuilt intelligence.

Naturopathy is the foundation behind all holistic & natural healthcare systems, and aims to diagnose the objectives that trigger symptoms and to make changes by supporting body processes rather than fighting them. 

nutrition & dietetic therapy

Ever get the feeling you’re taking yourself out with dinner?

Nutrition and dietetic therapy looks at the links between the issues we are experiencing and the food we have been consuming as well as how adjustment to diet can best be employed to support recovery and complement our healthcare.

Holistic Body Adjustment


Recondition and refine to replenish reserves.

Holistic body adjustment is a system of passive manoeuvres used to recondition agility and impediment by revealing the inherent redundancy hidden in the system so that restoration, repair and recovery are activated.

guided introspection

Look who’s talking.

Guided Introspection leads us through the development and use of self-observation to expose the unconscious drives and choices that reside behind our behaviour, thinking and emotions, leaving us with the insight to dissolve the stress we are finding in our day to day life. 

Investigation & Pathfinding

Find your way back on track.

To meet the growing demand for natural solutions we now offer special ninety minute investigation sessions in which we fully review your health history with a view to constructing a plan of action specifically designed to address your situation from multiple perspectives.

Any treatment that is appropriate for you, as well as any advice we can provide during that consultation, is included, free.

To find out if you qualify please read the letter from our principal on the welcome page or click the read more button below.